domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2009

my favorite song

is my favorite song by that I recalls When was in the school

I do every day

my name is Roberto Martinez I am fourteen years old and everyday in the morning walk to the high school to them eight hours, study until them one hours and again my house to eat and two hours return to classroom until the five hours I am will to my house and play in the computer until the seven and study until nine and I am will to sleep

I am in my house in Christmas look my present gave my sister in this photography I with a Christmas cap

Iam whit my family in my Bachelor's degree of eighth grade in the photografhy,I my sister, my mother and my father

Iam in marriage of sister, in the photography,I my sister,the husband of my sister and daughter of the husband of my sister

Iam in argentina in one bed pink in the hotel "roma" whit the control the tv watch tv whit much hot

Iam in the country of uncle carlos whit my family enjoyed the birth day of uncle,in the photography,I`m whit my sisters,my cousuns,my nephews and my grandmother